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The USS Cusk sinks the USS Constellation (CVA 64)


During war games off the coast of San Diego, California near Marker #5 in early 1967.  The Constellation came out early in the

morning with a screen of five destroyers, P3 Sub hunters and helicopters dropping their active sonar buoys in

the water.  In vain, they searched for the stealthy Cusk, but she penetrated their screens and got within 800 yards, not just

to "sink" the Constellation, but she even got some pictures of the Constellation launching aircraft. 

    Said Captain Killian about the attack, "It was a helluva shoot!"


"Tubes aft, Conn, launch a black smoke!"


Click on any picture to see its full size:

Seen through the Cusk's #1 periscope, the

Constellation's destroyer screen comes out

of Long Beach Harbor for the war games.

Their active sonar is pinging loudly as they

search in vain for the submarine they know

is stalking them.  Look closely through the

hazy background and you can see the

Constellation emerging from Long Beach Harbor.
(Photo courtesy of Tom Roseland)


Still searching for the Cusk, the destroyers

criss cross each other as a search plane

attempts to help. Again, the Constellation can

be seen in the background.
(Photo courtesy of Tom Roseland)


The destroyer USS Stoddard (DD 566)

is centered in the cross hairs of the Cusk's

#1 scope as she searches for "enemy"

(Photo courtesy of Tom Roseland)


The fast frigate USS William H. Standley

(DLG 32) is seen through the cross hairs of

the Cusk's #1 scope.  In the foreground, a

helicopter from the USS Constellation dips

an active sonar buoy in the water to try and

find the Cusk.
(Photo courtesy of Tom Roseland)


USS Constellation (CVA 64)

is centered in the cross hairs of the Cusk's

#1 scope as Captain Don Killian takes a

"final bearing to shoot."
(Photo courtesy of Tom Roseland)


Launching aircraft

The USS Constellation can be seen launching

aircraft through the Cusk's #1 scope.
(Photo courtesy of Tom Roseland)


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